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Vote November 3, 2020

With re-election, I will continue to give women a strong voice in the State House, remove the barriers to quality healthcare faced by our elderly and most vulnerable, and support a strong community economy with business growth, sustainable housing, and employment opportunities.


I will also provide transparency between citizens and the South Carolina state government. I am committed to increasing awareness and engagement about the issues that face our community. We deserve to live healthy, affordable, enjoyable lives and our communities should be a place that helps us thrive. 

– Krystle Matthews, South Carolina
State House Representative, District 117

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Did you know that South Carolina purges voter files for people that have not voted over a certain period of time? Make sure you and your friends are ready for this pivotal election in 2020. Register to vote or check your voter registration status today at

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In the Spotlight 

News and Updates on Representative Matthews and District 117 


Representative Krystle Matthews filed a bill to remove the six cent sales tax added to the purchase of menstrual products. South Carolina already waives this tax for hundreds of items, from necessities like medical products to other things like wrapping paper and fuel used in test flights. People purchasing menstrual products pay the state $3.8 million annually because of this surcharge. Representative Matthews believes that this bill is a matter of common sense and equality.  Read more in the Post and Courier.

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